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OFW Aerial Yoga

  • 葵昌路


*Aerial Yoga* Using a hammock to suspend the body in the air, the yoga posture can be further extended by anti gravity, and the skin, muscles, and even fascia and lymph can be stimulated.  It can improve all kinds of back pain, smooth lymphatic edema, improve the endocrine, lymphatic, digestive and blood circulation systems, relax the body and mind, and enhance personal concentration.  It can accelerate blood circulation in the head, improve sleep quality, and relax the spine and cervical spine.



取消或更改預約,必須在課程開始前24小時通知,如未能及時通知或缺席,相關課堂將視作已被使用。 如預約時間少於24小時,將不能取消或更改。 Cancellation or Change of Class booking(s) must be notified 24 hours before the start of the course. Without Notice in time or Absence, the relevant class(es) will be deemed to have been used. No Cancellation or Change can be made if the booking time is less than 24 hours.


  • 香港葵涌葵昌路貴豐工業大廈


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