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空中瑜伽 Aerial Yoga

  • 1 hour
  • 葵昌路


*空中瑜珈* 利用吊布將身體懸掛在空中,借由對抗地心引力將瑜伽體位法更深層的延展,包含表層的肌膚、肌肉甚至筋膜、淋巴都能得到刺激。能改善各類腰酸背痛症,暢通淋巴自然去水腫,改善內分泌、淋巴、消化及血液循環系統,放鬆身心,更能增強個人專注力。倒吊的動作能加速頭部血液循環,改善睡眠質素,放鬆脊椎頸椎。 *Aerial Yoga* Using a hammock to suspend the body in the air, the yoga posture can be further extended by anti gravity, and the skin, muscles, and even fascia and lymph can be stimulated.  It can improve all kinds of back pain, smooth lymphatic edema, improve the endocrine, lymphatic, digestive and blood circulation systems, relax the body and mind, and enhance personal concentration.  It can accelerate blood circulation in the head, improve sleep quality, and relax the spine and cervical spine.