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修身普拉提 Pilates

  • 1 小
  • 葵昌路


集合瑜珈、舞蹈、體操的身體訓練,,以強化腹、背、臀核心肌群,以及髖關節、肩胛骨四周的深層肌肉,使脊椎變得柔和強韌,平衡肌肉發展,塑造身體線條及穩定性,以改善腰、背、肩頸等痛症及不良姿勢;減輕疲勞和受傷的風險。透過肌肉訓練,可強化小腹肌肉,是凸凸小腹的救星! Pilates incorporates elements of yoga and other forms of exercises for a full-body workout. This class is ideal for anyone, regardless of age and experience. Stretch and lengthen all the major muscles groups in your body while making sure everything is balanced.



取消或更改預約,必須在課程開始前24小時通知,如未能及時通知或缺席,相關課堂將視作已被使用。 如預約時間少於24小時,將不能取消或更改。 Cancellation or Change of Class booking(s) must be notified 24 hours before the start of the course. Without Notice in time or Absence, the relevant class(es) will be deemed to have been used. No Cancellation or Change can be made if the booking time is less than 24 hours.


  • 香港葵涌葵昌路貴豐工業大廈


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